Contact Lenses

Contact LensesHalpern Eye Care offers a variety of contact lens options to best meet your needs. Schedule an appointment at one of our locations to learn more about the best option for your vision needs and lifestyle.

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Halpern Eye Care’s Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

  • Never insert lenses if eyes are red and/or irritated. If irritation occurs during wear, remove lenses immediately. If irritation and redness persists upon removal, call our office.
  • Do not use any over-the-counter eye drops not recommended or prescribed by the practitioner (specifically, medications to reduce redness or dry eyes unless advised by the doctor or staff).
  • Lense CaseDispose of contact lenses as prescribed. Disposable and planned replacement lenses are approved for specific durations of time only and disposal dates should be carefully monitored and followed.
  • Avoid environments that contain air-borne chemicals or irritating fumes.
  • Avoid using aerosols such as hairsprays, perfumes, air fresheners, cleaning products, etc., when wearing contact lenses. Aerosol residue can linger in the air for several minutes. Areas in which an aerosol product has been used should be avoided for several minutes to allow the chemicals to disperse and settle.
  • Store lenses in the recommended solutions when not wearing. Do not store lenses in a dry case with no solution. Soft lenses will dry out quickly and become brittle. Discard any soft lens that has become dehydrated. Do not re-hydrate.
  • Never reuse cleaning or disinfecting solutions. Discard after every use.

Lense Insert

  • Replace contact lens storage cases on a frequent basis.
  • Only use the recommended solution and cleaners. Do not mix/alternate brands.
  • Monitor expiration dates on all solutions. Discard any remaining solution that has Never use saliva or put lenses in mouth to rewet. Saliva contains bacteria that can cause serious infection and damage to the eye.


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